Q: The Hot Almond, Grass Jelly and Taro Ball series appear to have no toppings.
A: Toppings are at the bottom.
Q: I am allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts, which menu items do you recommend?
A: We do not recommend any of our menu items because all of our Meet Fresh products contain or may have come in contact with peanuts and other tree nuts.
Q: Can you make the products warm instead of hot?
A: Our products are not too hot, except for the Hot Grass Jelly series where it has to be hot because it will solidify.
Q: Can I ask for no ice for Grass Jelly Cold or Taro Ball Cold series?
A: Yes, however, the flavour of the Grass Jelly products will not taste as rich without ice. For the Taro Ball series, it is not recommended to skip ice because it will taste very sweet.
Q: Is the Almond series made with powder?
A: We use Almond Paste to make the soup base.
Q: Is there caffeine in Meet Fresh Winter Melon Tea or Herbal Tea
A: There is no caffeine in our Winter Melon Tea and Herbal Tea
Q: Taro Paste Series

A: Please shake before drinking products with Taro Paste in it.